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Something that’s never failed to creep me out as much as they fascinate me are unexplained disappearances. In a world so big, sometimes people can slip through the cracks, but what if the circumstances are just plain weird, or multiple people vanish at once, or entire villages disappear? Sometimes not knowing anything is just as bad as knowing all the terrifying details, and here are a few of my favourites that prove that.

  • The Mary Celeste, said to be cursed long before she was found adrift without her crew but with all of their belongings.
  • The Flannan Isles mystery, where several lighthouse keepers abandoned their post on a remote island and were never heard from again.
  • The Springfield Three, a unexplained case involving the abrupt disappearance of three women who arrived at their intended destination and then were never heard from again.
  • Martha Wright, a woman who vanished from a moving vehicle and was never located.
  • Louis Le Prince, a man who disappeared from a moving train as fellow passengers heard and saw nothing.
  • The MV Joyita, a ships whose crew vanished and left behind a whole load of questions, especially in regards to the strange way the ship was left.
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